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Serving Northwest Oregon

The North Willamette Research and Extension Center (NWREC) serves growers in the North Willamette Valley area with research and educational programs that focus on the region's most important crop systems.

Oregon’s Most Diverse Agricultural Region

Nearly 40% of the $5.7 billion farmgate value of Oregon Agriculture is produced within a 50 mile radius of NWREC.

NWREC combines the research and outreach activities of Oregon State University to serve the needs of the region’s agricultural industries. NWREC researchers and Extension faculty focus their work and programming on our most important local agricultural crops including: greenhouses and nurseries, hazelnuts, berries, vegetables and specialty seed production, Christmas trees, orchard crops, and field and grass crops. In addition, four other programs cut across these crop systems—small farms production, organic production, pesticide research, and agrivoltaics.

NWREC’s unique geographic location and proximity to Portland makes it a critical interface between rural and urban communities.

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