Anomalous Diffusion of Sand Tracer Particles Under Waves Public Deposited

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  • A model is presented for the horizontal and vertical diffusion of sand tracer particles by waves and is verified using a reanalysis of the experiments of Miller and Komar (1979, ). In the model, sand particles take random jumps at a rate associated with the wave period but also can bury one another resulting in intermittent long rest times between jumps. The particle jump length between burials is modeled by considering a vortex entrainment and advection mechanism, resulting in a probability distribution as a function of wave orbital excursion amplitude and particle settling velocity. The model is formalized using the theory of continuous time random walks to obtain closed-form expressions for the horizontal particle spreading rate, and plume shape, without tunable parameters. Importantly, the model predicts subdiffusive particle spreading, a previously unconsidered phenomenon that is apparent in the experimental data. The plume horizontal extent versus time is also well predicted compared to experimental data.
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