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Insights into the economic situation of seabream and seabass companies in the Mediterranean area Public Deposited

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  • This contribution aims to provide an economic assessment of the seabream and seabass industry in the Mediterranean, in order to describe the recent development and current situation of the economy and markets of this industry. It focuses on analyzing the economic and financial structure at different levels of aggregation (industry, company, and farms). The study is carried out through a descriptive analysis of information obtained from primary and secondary sources. The work starts with an analysis at the industry level that considers the productive structure, incomes and costs, and economic performance indicators. This analysis is carried out for the industry as a whole, but it is also disaggregated by production segments and countries. Moreover, it provides information about international trade and consumption. The data used come from secondary sources, mainly STECF, FAO and Eurostat. Secondly, the work addresses the study of the economic and financial situation of farming companies in the Mediterranean area with data from primary and secondary sources. Again, the analysis is performed for the industry as a whole and disaggregated by countries, but also by company size. The analyses also provides a property map of the companies identified as seabream and seabass farms. Finally, we use primary data obtained in the context of the MedAID project (Grant Agreement Nº 727315) in which this work has been performed, to develop an economic analysis at facility level.
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  • Vigo, Galicia, Spain
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