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Using economics to allocate fishing rights between recreational and commercial fisheries in complex socioecological systems Public Deposited

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  • There is no doubt that policy makers must ensure that the different regulation frameworks contribute to the maintenance of resilient ecosystems that sustain healthy resources for commercial fishers, contributing to the economies that depend on their activity and supply markets with healthy products. However, marine recreational fishing also contributes significantly to the national economies, e.g., in the US or in Australia. Therefore, the promotion of recreational fisheries is increasingly frequent in developed countries. Thus, in the European Union the European Parliament recently stated that “recreational fishing has been practiced for centuries across the EU and is an integral part of the culture, traditions and heritage of many coastal and island communities”, and urges to “provide support, including financial support, for the development of recreational fishing in the tourism sector, as an important contributor to the development of the blue economy in small communities, coastal communities and islands, particularly in the outermost regions.
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  • Vigo, Galicia, Spain
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