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The Sport FPIs: A New Instrument in the FPI Toolbox

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  • The Fishery Performance Indicators (FPIs) have been successfully applied to commercial fisheries around the globe and have uncovered key insights into fishery management success. We developed an extension of the FPIs to consider performance of recreational fisheries. The Sport FPIs were developed through multiple iterations of consulting, piloting and revision with fisheries experts. The indicators were tested on three case study fisheries: Florida tarpon, Florida bay scallops and Florida spiny lobster. These case studies and the authors’ experiences led to further revision of the instrument. The structure of the Sport FPIs relies heavily on the original FPI framework due to its success in addressing the lack of standardized, precise fishery data. Some aspects of commercial fisheries are analogous to recreational fisheries and commercial indicators required only minor revision to effectively measure recreational performance. To capture other aspects of recreational fisheries required development of new indicators. Thirty-two new output indicators and 33 new input indicators were developed to capture recreational fishery success and to explain outcomes. New indicators were designed to capture the social utility and the impact of recreational fishing expenditures on the local community.  New input indicators were developed including indicators characterized by angler motivations and common recreational management strategies such as fish stocking, habitat enhancement, bag limits, among others. Insights and value of this new tool will be discussed.  
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