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Viticulture & Enology Technical Newsletter : Summer 2018 Public Deposited

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  • Our latest edition of the OWRI Technical Newsletter contains research updates and a comprehensive list of publications summarizing research conducted by faculty of the Oregon Wine Research Institute at Oregon State University. Dr. R. Paul Schreiner, USDA-ARS Research Plant Physiologist, opens the newsletter with a research update on Pinot noir nutrient needs and tissue test guidelines for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Dr. James Osborne, OSU Enology Ex-tension Specialist and Associate Professor, along with Dr. Michael Qian, OSU Professor, and Dr. Elizabeth Tomasino, OSU Associate Professor, provide valua-ble information on their research of the role of grape microflora on Pinot noir aroma. Lastly, Drs. Alexander Levin and Achala KC, OSU-Southern Oregon Re-search and Extension Center (SOREC) Assistant Professors, provide a timely arti-cle about deficit irrigation and grapevine red blotch virus concerns.
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  • Welcome to the Summer 2018 Newsletter ; Pinot noir Nutrient Needs and Tissue Test Guidelines for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium ; Unravelling the Mysteries of Cold Soaking: The Role of Grape Microflora ; How do deficit irrigation and grapevine red blotch virus influence disease severity, water status, yield, and fruit composition? ; Research Publications
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