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WebWEPP version 2.0 : Web-based water erosion prediction project Public Deposited

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  • The WEPP (Water Erosion Prediction Project) application computes soil loss and sediment yield from a field based on the data on crops, management practices, and operations. In order to make WEPP, which is a Windows-based application, easily accessible, Web WEPP (Web-based WEPP) was developed by our research group. Web WEPP uses WEPP to perform the soil loss computation. A COM library acts as an interface between the Web WEPP scripts and the WEPP application. Since the Web WEPP was developed in a short period of time, there were various issues concerning reliability and functionality. Multiple user accesses could not be handled by Web WEPP since the original Windows WEPP application does not do so. Therefore, we added the WebWEPP a feature to support simultaneous accesses by multiple users. Also, to enhance usability of Web WEPP, we added a soil viewer that retrieves soil data with a map interface. Moreover, metadata support and additional operation types were implemented.
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