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Marine Reserves and Marine Protected Areas: A Case Study in Oregon and a Proposed National Model for Design and Implementation

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  • In this report, I examine the process of establishing marine reserves and marine protected areas both from a national and a state perspective. In order to do so, I have investigated the implementation process currently underway in Oregon. Specifically, I have chosen to perform a case study of the process at Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Area. I chose this example because of the commendable approach taken by the community of Port Orford in proposing their site and performing extensive baseline data collection in submitting their proposal. The Port Orford community demonstrated great marine resource stewardship and a forward‐minded approach to conservation and sustainability for their living marine resources in putting together their submission. Finally, the goal of this paper is to present the lessons learned in the form of a proposed template for communities and fisheries managers to follow in the proposal and implementation process of designating and establishing marine reserves and marine protected areas both locally and nationally. It is my hope that such a proposal could be used to standardize a national approach to designation and implementation across Regional Fishery Management Councils (RFMCs) and their associated regional marine ecosystems within the United States.
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