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The effect of irradiation with ultraviolet light on chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides : a review Public Deposited

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  • Pesticide chemists have recognized since the 1940's that ultraviolet light was deleterious to the insecticidal properties of certain compounds. However, it has been only within the last 15 years that a number of photodecomposition products of the chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides have been isolated and identified. The degradation of insecticides by ultraviolet light may result in products which are more or less toxic than the parent compounds. This implies that photodecomposition of insecticides may in certain cases increase residual toxicities. Thus, this subject should be of vital concern to all persons involved in the use of insecticidal chemicals. This paper summarizes a number of published reports concerning the photodecomposition of chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides.
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