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Volatile compounds from thermally oxidized methyl oleate Public Deposited

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  • Thermal oxidation of methyl oleate was studied over a range of temperatures from 50 C to 150 C for periods of time up to 30 min. Degradation was quantita­tively followed by gas liquid chromatog­raphy (GLC) and liquid scintillation counting of the products of methyl oleate-U-14C heated under a stream of compressed air. Heptane, octane, 2-decanone, benzene, a-xylene, methyl hex­anoate, methyl heptanoate and methyl octanoate were identified by GLC and mass spectrometry. Mass spectral evi­dence also was obtained for methyl pimelaldehydate, methyl suberaldehydate and methyl azelaaldehydate. Organic synthesis confirmed the identity of methyl azelaaldehydate. Most of the products formed suggested that autoxida­tion was responsible for the degradation occurring at the temperatures employed in this study.
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