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  • This grant supported acquisition of a minicomputer system for departmental research. The equipment selected is a DEC VAX-11/750 system, installed in remodeled space in the Computer Science (formerly Farm Crops) Building. Grant funds for equipment acquisition were supplemented by support from the Tektronix Foundation. After completion of the physical facilities for housing the equipment, installation of the VAX-11/750 began in early November 1982. Professor Douglas Moran took responsibility for coordinating the preparation of physical facilities and the installation itself. A number of researchers were making productive use of the system by January 1983. Beginning Spring term of 1983, the VAX system was also used for several graduate courses and graduate student projects. Research projects involving ten faculty members and over twenty graduate students are currently active on the system. These projects are in the areas of software complexity, computer graphics, database management, database system architecture, database reliability and consistency, expert systems, natural language processing, language implementation, intelligent interfaces, and decision support systems. The following sections list the equipment configuration as of the end of the grant period, the major software systems installed, and descriptions of ongoing research projects.
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