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Matching Support Funds for Extension Agent in Viticulture for Josephine County : 1993-1994

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  • For over 13 years there has been an Area Horticultural Extension Agent available to assist winegrape growers in Jackson and Josephine Counties with production problems by conducting educational programs and applied research projects. While the salary for this position is paid by Oregon State University Extension, support funds which pay for travel expenses, office, office supplies, postage, secretary support, etc. are provided by the county in which the agent works, in this case Jackson and Josephine Counties. Beginning in 1991 after the passage or Proposition 5, support funds for this position and others were cut from the Josephine County budget, leaving the county without an extension agent to assist the wine industry. In 1991, with the assistance of members of the Rogue Chapter of the Oregon Winegrowers Association, an agreement was made with Josephine County Commissioners which stated: If Josephine County winegrape growers could provide $1500 dollars of the estimated $3000 needed to support extension winegrape activities, the county would match that amount. A request was made to the Oregon Wine Advisory Board for assistance and the board has provided a grant in the amount of $1500 to support winegrape extension activities beginning in 1991-1993 and again in 1993-94.
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