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  • Current approaches to presentation of mathematics (on paper or in electronic format have usability drawbacks that make learning and appreciation of mathematics challenging and often frustrating. In a framework of a big research project of identifying new approaches to communicating mathematical ideas in a highly usable and effective manner, we are building prototype software toolkits displaying documents with math content in various comprehensive ways. For the encoding of mathematics we use MathML, a standard XML-based markup language allowing specification of both facade and underlying semantic content of mathematical presentations, as well as providing certain possibili­ties for dynamics and interactivity in communication of math. The Java implementation of a MathML rendering en­gine which we use in our prototypes is the topic of the current project.
  • Keywords: Math Visualization, User Interface, MathML, XML, Java.
  • 2002 best estimate for issue date and commencement year based on available information.
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